maandag 28 mei 2012

A Windy Day


Windy Day

Wells Norfolk






River Wharfe Hubberholme


River Wharfe Hubberholme

Pin Mill III

Pin Mill 3

Pin Mill II


Pin Mill 2




Outward Bound II


outward bound

Outward Bound


outward bound 2

Mousehole Cornwall



Moonlighted Creek III






Leigh Foreshore



Leigh Cockle Boats


Leigh Cockle Boats



Heybridge No2

Essex Creek by Moonlight


Essex Creek by Moonlight




The Cutty Sark


Cutty sark

The Colvic 45



Camper and Nicholson II


Camper and Nicholson2

Camper and Nicholson


Camper and Nicholson



Barges at Anchor

barges at anchor

Essex Smack


Essex Smack

maandag 24 januari 2011

Pin Mill 2

Barges on the mud, how normal is that for someone
who lives in the Pin Mill area!
How lovely is it for a foreigner to see this odd miracle!
As a Dutchman we do have those on the wadden sea area.
But almost never like this in pittoresk place like Pin Mill

Southwold Harbour

Quiet Anchorage

Nearly Home

Pin Mill

A wet day at the Pin Mill.
Colin gave the nasty mud a pretty colour,
and it became a pretty watercolour by doing that!
The reflections in the puddles are making this
picture more interesting.
The dark clouds from the colours Ultramarine Blue
and Light red, are almost real!

Anchored for the Night

The evening is fallen, the barges are anchored.
Its a warm summer evening Colin made.
Warm colours suggest such feeling.
Colin knew he could establish this feeling,
by choosing the right colours!
He did a marvellous job!

zaterdag 22 januari 2011

Friendly Tow

I love this scene, The tugboats the big steamer!
And that sky it is juicy wet and painted with a lot of skill!
The distance is kept simple but effective!
A few dark lines makes this one of my favourites!

Low Tide Faversham Creek

A typical estuary scene what Colin Colin made here.
The beautiful sky reflecting in the water with a
wonderful reflection of
the building, and some of the masts .
I can feel the wind in this one!

woensdag 5 januari 2011

Another sea battleship is the Orca.
A beautiful portrait of two of these magnificent whales.

Hambledon Mill

Colin Bourke was a Edward Wesson admirer.
This Pen and Wash from Hambledon Mill is a great example
of a Wessonesque Pen and Wash

maandag 3 januari 2011

HMS Arethusa

Colin did wrote with this watercolour:
I've a cousin of 87 who served on this light cruiser in 1941
escorting convoys from Gibralter to Malta.
We are good pals.

zondag 2 januari 2011

Low tide at Pin Mill

Another barge painting of a famous estuary.
Pin Mill is a place that attract painters.
Colin made one too!

Spritsail Barges in the Thames Estuary

Another one of these Thames barges,
with the recognisable red sails.
Light red and Alizarine, Colin used for these sails!

A windy day

Wonderful watercolour of a barge in full wind!
A few lines Colin wrote about these ships:

These old girls could carry about 80 tons of grain,bricks,sand etc..
They had a flat bottom & therefore shallow draft for getting up the creeks of East Anglia.
For getting under the London bridges the mast,rigging & sails could be tilted back almost to the horizontal.
There was only the Skipper & Mate for crew,maybe a boy & a dog as well.

Another Dawn

Like a lot of painters also Colin did like to improve
his paintings, only to choose these kind of colours
for the water, shows how unique this man thought!

Colin said: I tried to portray the water as I remember it 50 odd years ago when the River Thames was polluted by industrial effluents etc & there were no fish. Thank goodness that has all changed now.. Kind Regards Colin

Saunders Waterford rough


A wonderful barge.
Colin painted in watercolour on Saunders Waterford